Sunday, August 3, 2014

Nixon's Birth Story

It's been a while. But for lack of a better place to write this, I am going to record Nixon's birth story here. First of all, Nixon made me wait until his due date to meet him. Because Macy was 6 days early, I had assumed Nixon would also be mistake. The end of this pregnancy was so hard! At least he came on his due date and not after. It was a Thursday. I went to work that day and around noon started having some contractions. They were far apart and not very painful. I kept telling myself nothing was going to happen to try and manage my expectations. I got home around 4 I think. The contractions kept coming, and getting stronger, so I called Jacob and told him he should probably be on his way home, but I wasn't sure yet if it would happen that day. Jacob came home, and I called my sister and asked if she could come over, but again telling her I wasn't really sure what was going on. Becca came to the door, and I was like, well, I'm not sure what's going on, but I still having contractions, so it might happen today...Then my water broke at home (I wasn't sure at the time though that it was my water that broke) and it came with a very painful contraction, and I was like, we should probably go to the hospital and maybe this time I'll get an epidural. So we get in the car and drive to the hospital. All the while Jacob has been timing my contractions, and on the drive they got further apart; 9 minutes between two of them. So in the car we waited for a second, and we said, maybe it's too soon (I'm very afraid of being turned away from the hospital for getting there too early). After another contraction in the car we decided to go in. We waited in the hall for our room (2 more contractions). We got to the room, I changed into a gown and the nurse checked me. All of a sudden she ran out of the room. Next thing I know I need to push, so I do a quick push and Nixon comes out, and a nurse runs into the room to catch him. Right before I pushed, I told Jacob, "I think he's coming!" Jacob tells me he thought, not quite yet, sweetie (as in you wish this was going to be over so soon, poor thing.) And then Nixon was just here! It was incredible. I cannot believe it happened so fast. The nurse told me later she checked me in on her computer at 6:44 and he was born at 6:48. As you can see from the story, there was a lot of denial going on for me, which seemed to work for me. When I started having painful contractions, I thought, there is no way I can do this again (like, be in labor for about the 14 hours I was with Macy). So thankfully he came quickly and without any problems! Next time though I guess I should go to the hospital sooner. Although part of me thinks it was mostly just a waste of money, cause...they didn't really do anything cause we were there for like 4 minutes. My recovery has been one billion times easier because I didn't need stitches, so I didn't need any narcotics, and I just wasn't as tired from labor being so short.
Nixon has been a very good baby. He eats and sleeps pretty well. He does have this high pitched squeal he uses to let you know he's serious about whatever he needs. We are so glad he is part of our family!

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